This is a space where I share my favorite tools that I use every day for development and just day-to-day productivity
I rely on a MacBook Pro (M1 Pro) and an Android phone (OnePlus 11).


  • Visual Studio Code is my editor of choice. Some of my favorite extensions:
    • Rainglow: My favorite theme just because of the variety it provides. I’m one of those monsters who enjoy coding in light mode, so my personal favorite is Glance Light
    • Wrap Console Log: Just for quick console.log all day long.
    • VS Sequential Number: Does what it says on the tin. Comes in handy more than you think.
    • Remote - SSH: For using VSCode on a remote machine. As someone who likes self-hosting, this is indispensable.
    • Code Spell Checker: Because it’s so annoying to misspell something in your code. It follows you forever.
    • Auto Rename Tag: Never have to worry about closing your HTML/JSX tags.
  • Warp: A terminal that is unlike anything else. Feels like an extension of a code editor rather than a terminal.
  • Insomnia: for testing and debugging APIs. I especially like chaining requests. A feature I can’t find anywhere else
  • Proxyman: For mocking and inspecting HTTP traffic.

General Apps

  • Microsoft Edge: My browser of choice for now. I love the horizontal tabs which can be auto-hidden and the side panel for mini web apps.
  • Raycast: A Swiss army knife for everything MacOS. It’s a replacement for Spotlight that can do so much more. It’s impossible to get into everything here, but you must check it out.
  • Notion: For note-taking. This website is based on Notion so you know I like it. I would love it if they would deliver on their promise of a Google Calendar integration.
  • Spark: For email management. If you like the idea of “inbox zero”, this will get you there.
  • Todoist: Task management. I love how intuitive it is and love creating tasks with natural language reminders. You can just type “Do laundry tomorrow at 10” and you’re set.
  • Bitwarden: My password manager of choice. Does everything I expect while being very cheap. The UI could use some revamping though.